True Floridian: Rodney Mayo

True Floridian, Rodney Mayo, is a resident of West Palm Beach and the owner of Subculture Group, which owns 17 restaurants and bars. 

Recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rodney was forced to lay off more than 650 employees during the statewide shutdown. His immediate concern was that these people, upon losing their livelihood, might have trouble feeding themselves and their families. 

In True Floridian style, Rodney founded Hospitality Helping Hands (H3) and quickly rehired a few of his staff members. Together they turned Howley’s, one of his restaurants, into a nonprofit kitchen providing free meals to laid-off employees and any person or family in need. 

Initially, Rodney’s intention was to serve meals to hospitality workers who had lost their jobs, but H3 quickly expanded to serve their families, local charities, and others in need. In the first three days, 5,000 meals were served and after one week, 16,000. 

The latest — 250,000 hot meals have been served by H3. 

To get in touch with H3, click here or call 561-833-5691.