True Floridian: Dupree Jackson

Emanuel “Dupree” Jackson Jr. is an exceptional human. A strong family man, community leader, and Florida native, he founded the Emanuel Jackson Sr. Project (EJS). The mission of EJS is to inspire and empower tomorrow’s leaders. EJS is a nonprofit organization that began in 2016, although Dupree’s community service started long before. 

Dupree’s inspiration for founding EJS was a strong desire to make a difference in his community, Delray Beach. As someone who pushed past obstacles in his own life and achieved his goals, he believes that kids have the strength and power to write their own narratives. 

EJS fights for equity of opportunity and acknowledges racial discrimination and the barriers it has created in communities of color. Their goal is to challenge systems, fight for opportunities, and surround the youth with positive, forward-thinking adults.


Dupree has organized and participated in several peaceful protests for the Black Lives Matter movement and has been having conversations with local mayors, as well as hosting conversations online with youth activists. 

Dupree himself is a TRU mover and shaker. He positions himself as a point of contact and safety for many people in the community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been donating his time to feed families all over Palm Beach County. 

EJS has now partnered with local organizations, Healthier Delray Beach and Palm Health Foundation, to document coronavirus stories, particularly as the virus has exacerbated the disparity in many minority communities. Teens from EJS are collecting stories of hardship which are now being displayed at the Spady Cultural Museum in Delray Beach. The goal— that history doesn’t repeat itself and neighborhoods will get the resources and support they need. 

Giving back to the community in the way that Dupree does is truly exceptional. We’re proud to live in Florida with him and in awe of his consistent efforts to make a difference in our state. 

You can reach EJS by clicking here or by calling 561-600-1056.